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Customer Experience
Project Based
+ Leverage Swiffy's communication and payment platforms to create a more engaging and effective way to drive consumer behaviour.
+ Unlock upsell and cross sell opportunities through powerful customer journey mapping.
+ Understand and incorporate an ominichannle approach to drive growth.
+ Attract good customers, retail loyal customers and increase share of wallet.
+ Gain valuble customer insights through powerful data analytics.
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R1,999 /Mo
+ Completely eliminate the financial penalty incurred from customers defaulting on the first debit order payment.
+ Increase collection rates on future customer payment defaults.
+ Schedule AEDO, NAEDO or EFT Debit orders with your customers.
+ Reduce risk with DebiCheck integration.
+ Easy integration with our powerful APIs or use manulaly through a secure web platform interface.
+ Track your collections and understand your customers through detailed reporting and analytics.
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R149 /mo
+ Send payment links directly to your customes by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS or Email.
+ Collect payments via Credit Card, Debit Card or Instant EFT.
+ Track payment links in realtime from your live dashboard.
+ Schedule automated recurring payment links.
+ Resend unpaid links with a single click.
+ Integrate SwiffyPay into your website or Mobile app.
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R149 /mo
+ Give your customers the easiest way to browse and buy your products and services using WhatsApp.
+ Add up to 100 products and services with images using your secure platform tools.
+ Add to Basket, Checkout and full payment functionality via Credit Card, Debit Card or Instant EFT.
+ Live dashboard for orders and payment tracking available on Mobile and Desktop.
+ Specify Delivery or Colleciton.
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Customised payment & collection solutions

All Communication Channels

All Payment Technologies

Buy data & airtime,
through WhatsApp.

+ Get instant cash back.

an easier way to make money!

  • Sell data and airtime across all networks

  • No set up costs

  • No need to buy inventory upfront

  • Get your commission in cash after each transaction

  • All you need is a phone, WhatsApp and a bank account

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